Thursday, May 8, 2014

How to force SYNC on Android and Desktop devices

If your [Android] mobile Evernote App is not receiving new notes made on your desktop (or the other way around) try this quick and simple fix. The following two steps show you how to force each device to re-sync.

ANDROID Head to your android phone. Hit the SYNC button and then clear the data for the Evernote app. I believe this just removes the saved account information, so you shouldn't need to worry about any notes being deleted. Once this is done, open Evernote on your android device and sign in to your account.

App info menu Evernote
Tap on the "Clear data"  button

If you see all your notes, we can assume the android SYNC is working.

DESKTOP Head over to your desktop and we will go about doing the same thing. In your Evernote application, locate the file menu. There should be an option that contains the text for your email address. Go ahead and click on that to force the application to re-sync to your account.

Select your username from the 'File' menu
Click on your user account to 're-log'
After completing the above steps try syncing on both devices to see if new notes are fetched.

If unfortunately your problem is still not fixed, check if your note has content stopping Evernote sync.